+Simon Booth Tycoon Gold Addon - Review
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Tycoon Gold Addon - Full Review

Please Note: This is my own personal review of  Tycoon Gold Addon CLICK HERE  to visit Dynasty's official product website.

Dynasty's Mailbox Bustin'  Tycoon Gold Addon

Well I installed my review copy of Tycoon Gold Addon 6 days ago and thought it only fair to give it a test drive before writing up a full review.
Firstly installation, it's a doddle, as I'm sure anyone who has installed any World of Warcraft addon's can attest to, the Tycoon Gold Addon literally installs in seconds......now onto the review, starting with the video below which highlights some of the Tycoon Gold main features

Q: Does the Tycoon Gold Addon work?


In a word...yes!
Dynasty are claiming a 224% increase in gold made using Tycoon Gold addon, personally I think that's quite a conservative estimate, a guy I spoke to in-game that has been using the Tycoon Gold Addon for the last couple of months reckons he's up by 400-500%! I was up around 100% after 6 days, so I think it's a bit of a learning curve really.

Q: How does Tycoon Gold Addon work?


The Tycoon Gold Addon automates the strategies involved in making large amounts of gold in-game, you still have to actually do the grinding, crafting and working the auction house - which lets face it is one of the reasons you play World of Warcraft anyway! - but the Tycoon Gold addon  allows you to do all of these tasks "intelligently"  by analysing your servers economy, letting you know what materials you should be gathering/farming, what you should be crafting to make the most gold etc.
"Hot spot" locations and gathering routes are also highlighted in order of the amount of gold you can expect to make per hour, one very cool feature of the software is it's ability to "study" the competition and alert you to items that are in high demand weather it be materials or crafted items, Tycoon Gold gives you a great jump on other players!
One final point I should mention here is that Tycoon Gold is 100% legal.....you will not get your account banned or otherwise compromised by using this addon, confirmation of this can be found HERE at Dynasty's official product website


Q: Does Tycoon Gold Have a Downside?


Initially I thought I was going to have a major problem with Tycoon Gold Addon, my concern was "Mists of Pandaria", I was sure that the addon would not be optimized for Blizzards latest release!....I was wrong!.....Tycoon Gold is not only fully optimized for Mists of Pandaria, it is regularly updated to keep abreast of all of Blizzards future patches, updates and new releases.
I suppose the only real downside to Tycoon Gold is that it is a paid addon, and I fully understand that this will be an issue with some players, however as I have mentioned in an earlier post, with a paid addon like Tycoon Gold you are guaranteeing that you will be receiving excellent customer support and that your addon will always be fully updated and optimised for the current issue of WoW.....and for me that is a big plus!
If you have any lingering doubts about Tycoon Gold Addon then the fact that Dynasty offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee should ease your mind!



Tycoon Gold Addon Screen Shots

tycoon+ gold+ Addon+ review+farming map
The Tycoon Gold Addon intelligent interface will highlight current profitable farming routes allowing you to save time by only farming/gathering materials that you are guaranteed to make gold with.


tycoon gold Addon review - gold farming
Discover what you need to be gathering/farming, what you should be crafting and how much gold you will be making per hour


Yes, Tycoon Gold is a paid addon, and a lot of World of Warcraft players will not pay for addons, I understand that completely! but Tycoon Gold is a legal addon and a lot of work has gone into both it's development and it's continued updates and support, most free addons do not supply any sort of support and fail to update when Blizzard release patches and new game content. You can rest assured that Dynasty are constantly updating Tycoon Gold both in terms of improvements to that actual addon and whenever a game update is released.

If you are happy using free addons ( I haven't found a free gold farming addon anywhere near as good as Tycoon Gold) then that's great!.....but if you can afford a few dollars to to get the best gold making addon in the game, then I strongly urge you to do so, coupled with the fact that Dynasty offer a "No questions asked" 60 day money back guarantee, then you really haven't got anything to lose, as I mentioned at the beginning of this review, you are reading my opinions of the Tycoon Gold Addon, I've used it and I know it does exactly what it says on the tin!.....simply put Tycoon Gold works!

You can read my article  Free addons vs Paid addons by clicking the link




For more details on  Tycoon Gold CLICK HERE for Dynasty's official site.




by +Simon Booth

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Dynasty - The Creators of 'Tycoon Gold Addon'

A Quick look at Dynasty....The Guy's Behind Tycoon Gold Addon

As with any product I buy or try online, I like to do my research on who's selling or giving it away.......yes I know, I'm a bit anal like that!......so I thought I'd see what I could dig up about "Dynasty" the creators of Tycoon Gold Addon.
To be honest, there isn't an awful lot of info on Dynasty either as a person or as a company, so I was left to check out his/her/their other products and read a few online reviews.

Dynasty Products

From what I can gather, Dynasty are exclusively in the World of Warcraft market i.e Addon's and guides, and it would appear that they are currently marketing four distinct products at present, I'm not going to go into the other three WoW products they are offering for now, as I want to concentrate on Tycoon Gold, but I've added links to Dynasty's other guides/addon's below, as they all have their own individual sites.

The fact that Dynasty are not knocking out dozens of addon's and guides every month is, in my opinion, a good thing, there are a great many individuals and companies in this niche who release too many products too fast which usually leads to a lack of support and few if any updates to keep up with Blizzard.
The fact that Dynasty appear to be concentrating their efforts into a few quality products instead of a little effort into a lot of products lends credence to the old saying "Quality over Quantity"

Online reviews for Dynasty's Tycoon Gold addon all seem very favourable, with only a couple of "cons" compared to the "pro's". However I have received a review copy of Tycoon Gold and I will be installing it tonight before heading off to Azeroth to make my fortune!......or not!
I'll be trying Tycoon Gold on one of my level 100 characters for the next few days after which I will follow up with a final "warts and all" review!

Watch this space!

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World of Warcraft Tycoon Gold Addon

Tycoon Gold Addon Vs Free Gold Addons

If you've played World of Warcraft for any length of time then you don't need me to tell you that if you ain't got gold in game.....then you ain't got squat!

 Amassing gold in WoW  is the life blood of the game, no gold means no training (flight training is not cheap!)  no buying materials, and perhaps most importantly no buying top level gear!....armour, weapons mounts etc.

I'm sure you've goggled "gold addons" or any other addon for that matter, to help automate certain tasks or guide you through the mean old Kingdoms of Azeroth and seen that there are hundreds if not thousand of addons available, some free of charge....some not.
Going by my own experiences there are a lot of very good WoW gold  addons you can download for free and even more gold getting guides (usually just a pdf with instructions on where to farm certain materials and a run down on how the auction house works) to be honest I would avoid most of the short guides available for purchase around the net.....nearly all the info they contain can be found for free online.

The big difference between free gold addons and paid gold addons is, in my opinion, the level of support you will get. If you go for a paid gold addon then make sure you will get a good level of customer support, make sure you get free software updates, this is essential ......... I've used quite a few free addons, and been quite pleased with them only to find that when Blizzard release one of their infamous patches or updates the addon I was happily using ceases to work and with no support or updates I've had no option but to delete the addon, and I hate it when that happens!....... and above all make sure you get a money back guarantee if you aren't happy with your purchase!

So to sum up, free gold addons are good, but if you've got a few $'s burning a hole in your pocket grab yourself a paid gold addon, like Tycoon Gold from Dynasty, and be secure in the knowledge that it won't be outdated and obsolete a couple of months down the line!

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